Introduction to HTML

Introduction to HTML is designed to train children on the basis of web development using HTML

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Physical Class

5 hours every day by 9a.m

Online Class

1 hour every day by 4pm


July 31st - Aug 18th

Open Day

August 18th 2023

We are proud of growing the youngest developers on the African continent.

CodeIT is dedicated to growing young people in the area of computer science, especially around promoting hardcore programming skills at an early age.

What to Expect?

We have both online and offline programs. We combine a good amount of video tutorials and coding sessions to ensure participants get the best learning experience

Daily Video Tutorials

We have daily video tutorials that each participants are expected to watch

Daily Zoom Session

Every day, 1pm, to discuss the next action and challenges

Daily Practice Exercise

Upload assignment to our online interactive classroom latest 10a.m everyday


''My son thoroughly enjoyed the class, thank you so much"
" I love codeIT pattern of teaching"
“CodeIT is one of the best coding holiday classes I have encountered in Abuja.
Mr. Seyi

Covid Tips & Guidelines

We kindly request all registered participants and  parents to stick to all Covid  guidelines when coming for our events.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is suitable for kids between the ages of 5 to 18 years

Participants can after the completion of the course have access to the resources for a period of 3 months

A working computer system and good internet connection