NCS (Nigerian Computer Society)

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The competition is open to secondary school students in both private and public schools across the nation and it is in 3 stages.

For the first stage, at the state level, schools in different states will compete. Successful candidates will then move to the zonal competition with venues in designated zones and then on to the grand finale where the remaining schools will battle for the winning prize. Only SS1 and SS2 students are eligible to participate in the competition.

The rewards include computer products, cash prizes and scholarships as well as consolation prizes for all contestants.

Deadline for registration and Stages:
Stage 1: State Competition at Designated State Centres: 9th – 21st May, 2018
Stage 2: Zonal Competition at Designated Zonal Centres – 30th May, 2018 Stage
3: Grand Finale – 18th July, 2018