About LetSchoolsCode

While youth unemployment in Nigeria is 45.65% and most industries are laying off workers, the tech industry in Nigeria has a different problem, it is struggling to find employees to fill vacancies. Technology company executives are reporting difficulty in recruiting talent with the relevant technical skills. Coding Day is  an opportunity for every child to learn how the technology around us works and how they can pursue a Tech Career. codeIT would love to help your school run a Coding Day Event. We can help teachers host a Coding Day in their classrooms (we don’t even need computers!) or if you would like to host a school assembly, we can arrange for a speaker to talk about how technology works and what it’s like to be a software engineer.

Thanks to our partners and dedicated school professional over 100 students will get the opportunity to understand codes. We bring our partners to such events which includes: Google, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook etc. And, it’s fun! With interactive, hands-on activities, students will learn computational thinking skills in an approachable way as well as hear from seasoned ICT professional across the country.

You can let us know if you’d like to schedule some time to talk about how your school can participate. You can also reach us on 08189022222 Or email hello@codeitafrica.org