I Want To Learn To Code But Don’t Know Where To Start

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We decided to use this post to break down to A – Z for  a new bie interested in learning to code.

There are a lot of programming languages, so we understand why it may all seems so confusing.

At codeIT, a few things determine our suggestion of what programming language to start with.

1. Age

For children younger than 6, we always suggest they start with our scratch class. This helps them understand programming logic in a fun way without any prior knowledge of computing. They learn to code and most time don’t even know they are learning because they are having so much fun. For older kids, we suggest jumping straight into it with our introduction to coding class, It goes through how to build a website with only codes. There is no (content management class, but by the time they are done, they have learnt HTML and quite a bit of CSS.

2. Interest

Another thing that determines our decision on where children should start is interest. For us, interest triumph age. What this simply means is that even if a child is 5 and understands the basics, and has done a few computer/programming related task before they came for our program, we put this into consideration above their age. This may mean they will start where their interest lies, animation, coding, e.t.c. But they would have to take a beginner course before any intermediary or advance courses.

 Some other frequently asked questions about learning to code includes;

Question: What programming language should i learn as a new bie? 

Answer:  We also say start with HTML, then CSS, head over to Java (java or Javascript), then python is also a good idea

Question: Is programming hard?

Answer: For us, it is super easy, but requires a lot of consistency. But you need to know learning to code isn’t about intelligence, learning to code seems hard because there is a lot to learn.

Question: How old do I have to be to learn coding?

Answer: At codeIT, we also say as long as you can read and write, so that can be even as early as 4 years old.

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