8 things to learn about innovation in Africa.

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  1. Mobile technology has been a major driver of innovation in Africa. With smartphone adoption rates on the rise, entrepreneurs have been able to develop new apps, mobile services, and payment solutions.
  2. Many African innovators are focused on solving local problems, such as access to healthcare, education, and financial services. This approach has led to the development of a number of “social impact” startups.
  3. Despite the challenges of limited infrastructure and resources, African innovators have been able to develop creative solutions that are cost-effective and scalable.
  4. African governments are beginning to recognize the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development, and are investing in initiatives to support these sectors.
  5. African startups have been able to attract significant investment from both local and international investors. In recent years, several African startups have achieved “unicorn” status, with valuations of over $1 billion.
  6. Collaboration between African innovators and international partners has been crucial for success. Many African startups have partnered with international companies to access new markets, funding, and expertise.
  7. African innovators face a number of challenges, including limited funding, regulatory