Basic Animation Online class

In recent times, animations have become a very effective and proven method of learning for kids. Therefore it is not enough for kids to see these things but to know how to build one by themselves.

This free online animation class has been programmed to cover some of the basic concepts of animation, vocabulary, principles, software,  as well as some of the options for kids who want to know more about animation and build their careers around it.

Date: Saturday, 2nd May, 2020.
Time: 2pm-3pm

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About Instructor

Aroyewun babjide
Creative & Digital Designer

Aroyewun Babajide is a Creative & Digital Designer with over 10 years experience in Visual Art, Motion Graphics, Animation, Movie Production and 3D. As far as tutoring is concerned, he has been an active facilitating volunteer at DIGITEST (an annual IT based camp for kids 8-18) since 2010. He also pioneered the first 3d instructional portal - damaroyWorkshop. He put his passion for art as a content contributor for Jobberman and Smashing Magazine as a cartoonist and artist respectively few years back.